50th Birthday Party Invitation

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

3102 Camelot Court, Durham, NC 27705

String Quartets 10AM-12PM(ish)

Lunch 12:15PM(ish)

Please join me to celebrate my birthday. My string quartet has kindly agreed to spend the morning of my birthday playing some of my favorite repertoire starting at 10AM. Lunch will follow at 12:15PM(ish). You are welcome to come listen to all or part of the music, but this will be a reading session for fun – not a performance. Whether or not you come for the music, please join me for lunch. It will be very informal.

This celebration hearkens back to my 16th birthday party when I played string and piano quartets, ate pizza, and drank Coke. However, on my 50th, the pizza will be homemade rather than from a box, and there will be adult beverage options in addition to Coke.

Please, no gifts other than your company.

Please RSVP, so that I can make enough pizza. fencingcellist(at)gmail.com or (919) 451-1370