• A TwoSet Violin performance at Merkin Concert Hall, Kaufman Music Center, New York City. As part of the encore Brett Yang attempts to play Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso while hula hooping, with Eddy Chen accompanying on the piano.
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    TwoSet Violin’s Comedy – A Gateway to Classical Music

    In the hallowed world of classical music, where seriousness often takes center stage, Brett Yang and Eddy Chen, the dynamic duo behind TwoSet Violin, are rewriting the script. What began as a YouTube experiment has blossomed into a global sensation that seamlessly merges virtuoso violin performances with comedy. Breaking Down Barriers in Classical Music As former violinists with Australia’s leading orchestras, Yang and Chen embarked on this unconventional journey in late 2016 with a singular mission: to break down the barriers of classical music and invite more people in. “I feel like our mission is very much, ‘how can we bring more people into the world of classical music?'” Chen,…

  • Arvo Pärt
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    A Plea for Peace: Arvo Pärt’s Tractus

    Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s latest album, Tractus, emerges as a soothing refuge, echoing a comforting sentiment: “In troubled times, music can help.” At 88, Pärt’s serene compositions, embraced by a diverse audience including Björk, Michael Stipe, and Keanu Reeves, offer solace beyond classical boundaries. The opening track, “Littlemore Tractus,” serves as a prayer for support and peace, resonating with a timeless calmness. Pärt’s minimalist approach, valuing the power of silence, is evident in pieces like “Sequentia,” where tinkling bells and delicate strings breathe, creating moments of profound stillness. Amidst the tranquility, “L’abbé Agathon” stands as a potent parable, narrating the ancient tale of a compassionate abbot. Pärt’s music subtly echoes…