Woodland Bookmarks for sheet music or books
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DIY Woodland Animal Origami Bookmarks for Sheet Music or Books!

In a world where page-turning has gone digital, Autumn from itsalwaysautumn.com brings a touch of whimsy to everyday music practice or reading with her delightful DIY Woodland Animal Origami Bookmarks. These charming creations offer a playful solution for marking your place in books or sheet music.

Autumn’s clever origami technique requires just one piece of paper and a few simple folds, making it an excellent project for crafters of all ages. She provides seven free printable templates featuring super cute woodland creatures, turning the act of saving your page into a creative adventure.

For those who’ve ever faced the dilemma of book mutilation, these bookmarks serve as a delightful alternative. No more dog-eared pages—just a menagerie of cute animals peering at you from your book or music.

Autumn’s templates feature a bunny, owl, fox, skunk, and more, each with a unique charm. Her step-by-step instructions on her website guide you through the folding process, ensuring a fun and fuss-free crafting experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or someone just looking to add a touch of whimsy to your reading routine, these origami bookmarks are a delightful project. Bring the magic of the forest to your music practice session or favorite books by visiting itsalwaysautumn.com for instructions and free printable templates.

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Brenda Neece, DPhil (Oxon), is a cellist, organologist, writer, and teacher specializing in the history of the cello.